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  • ECDL PROFILE - Do It Your Way

    We know everyone uses technology for different reasons, which is why we developed ECDL Profile.

    With ECDL Profile, you choose the 
    module combinations best suited to you. After passing the tests, those modules then represent your ECDL Profile, which are listed on your ECDL Profile certificate.

    With ECDL Profile, you can become certified in the skills you need for your own educational and professional journey. ECDL Profile is flexible, so candidates or companies can build the Profile that suits their needs or interests.

    We recommend three ECDL Profiles - Base, Standard, and Advanced - each represents a different level of digital proficiency, and proof of the skill level that you have.

    An ECDL Profile is for life. You can build on it over time as you update your skills, as technology evolves or when new modules are developed. 

    Your ECDL Profile grows with you: it never expires, and will always be proof of your skills and lifelong learning.

    You can sign-up for ECDL Profile only by acquiring an ECDL General Unique Registration Series.
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