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  • How Do I Get ECDL

    Sign-up for ECDL here.

    Find out everything you need to know about ECDL registration, testing and certification.

    For managing to obtain ECDL certificate, you will need to follow few simple steps.
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  • Baccalaureat

    Get ECDL On Time for Less Stress at Baccalaureate!

    To facilitate access to high school students to obtain the European Computer Driving Licence, certification can be equated with the digital skills Baccalaureate test.
    ECDL ROMANIA continues the accreditation of high schools across the country.
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  • BEBRAS Romania - Rezultate

    Concurs internaţional de gândire computaţională pentru toate şcolile din România.

    BEBRAS Challenge îşi propune să atragă elevii spre domeniul Informaticii.
    rezultatele şi elevii calificaţi în runda 2.

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  • ECDL Profile

    ECDL Profile - Do It Your Way!

    We know everyone uses technology for different reasons, which is why we developed ECDL Profile.

    With ECDL Profile, you choose the 
    module combinations best suited to you. After passing the tests, those modules then represent your ECDL Profile, which are listed on your ECDL Profile certificate.more »