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  • Prezentare suport de curs Digital Citizen

    File size: 56 Kb

  • Robotics - Syllabus 1.0 - EN

    File size: 255 Kb

  • Syllabus ECDL - Robotics V1.0 - RO

    File size: 236 Kb

  • Module Summary - Robotics

    File size: 149 Kb

  • Module Summary - Robotics

    File size: 140 Kb

  • ORDIN nr. 5.151/30 august 2021 privind organizarea şi desfăşurarea examenului naţional de bacalaureat - 2022

    File size: 473 Kb

  • Ordin 4019/ 24.06.2021 - Credite profesionale transferabile ECDL PEDAGOGIE DIGITALĂ

    File size: 406 Kb

  • Module Summary - ICT in Education

    File size: 20223 Kb

  • Prezentare modul Pedagogie digitala

    File size: 19566 Kb

  • ECDL ICT in Education - Syllabus 1.0

    File size: 601 Kb

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