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  • Fri, 12 Jul 2013ECDL Joines Biblionet and Reaches Village Libraries in Romania

  • 40 people in 10 rural localities from Gorj County in Romania have been trained for free to use computer by the librarians in their localities and succeeded in obtaining the ECDL EqualSkills certificate. All these happened with support from ECDL ROMANIA that joined the Biblionet national programme.

    In May 2013, ECDL ROMANIA signed a partnership agreement with the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), which are primarly responsible for the Biblionet project at national level. 10 rural libraries in Gorj County Romania carried out the ECDL EqualSkills programme for their community members and on Thursady, July 11th 2013, all participants and organisers gathered at the “Christian Tell” Library in Targu Jiu City to hand out the ECDL EqualSkills certificates to the 40 graduates.

    This spring, 5 librarians from “Christian Tell” Library in Targu Jiu City and 10 librarians from 10 rural localities in the county took the Train of Trainers EqualSkills programme that helped them to understand and learn how to teach the ECDL EqualSkills programme.

    Starting May 20th 2013, the training and certification programme ECDL EqualSkills took place in the public libraries from Bustuchin, Jupinesti, Scoarta, Pestisani, Ionesti, Telesti, Licurici, Logresti, Balesti and Pades villages in Gorj County in Romania. The 10 librarians practiced the knowledge they acquired during the TOT organized by ECDL ROMANIA with the IREX and “Christian Tell” Library support. This is how a pilot ECDL EqualSkills certification programme started for a number of 40 rural community members in the localities mentioned above. The programme took place through the medium of the librarians that became ECDL EqualSkills facilitators. In the end of the pilot project, all participants obtained the ECDL EqualSkills certificate that now proves their elementary knowledge in using a computer, internationally recognized.

    “ The partnership between Biblionet and ECDL ROMANIA took place following identifying a certain common objective which is that of creating new services oriented through developing IT skills and knowledge for the community members in the public libraries. The pilot programme started this year in 10 local libraries of Biblionet Gorj County network of libraries, proved to be a real success. We congratulate all people that succed in getting the ECDL EqualSkills certificate  with support from the public libraries in their localities and the local librarians that teached them. We are very glad about these results and they encourage us to continue our collaboration with the ECDL ROMANIA team for extending this project to all county libraries and their local libraries network tehnically equipped in the Biblionet programme.

    Managed in Romania by IREX foundation, Biblionet is a 26,9 million dollars programme through which we are trying to offer free Internet access for the public libraries by equipping them with performing computers and by training the librarians that should teach the citizens about how to use Internet in the library. We reached the last year of this programme and we have already covered 2.200 public libraries in all regions of Romania and we have trained over 4.000 librarians. Our greatest wish is to provide sustenability for our programme and to countinually develop the public libraries system in Romania through out these kind of public sector, non –gouvermental and privat partnerships.” - Paul-Andre Baran - Biblionet General Manager and Digital Champion of Romania

    “By joining Biblionet, ECDL ROMANIA continues the permanent process of digital literacy and providing the opportunity for obtaining digital competences for each personne. ECDL EqualSkills is a programme addressing the people that are afraid of or that feel overcome by the new tehnology and it has been developed as a flexible learning programme that provides full introduction in the computers world. By the created partnership, ECDL ROMANIA and IREX work together and promote new services for public libraries that are oriented towards developing the IT skills and knowledge for community members, especially for rural communities members.” - Carmen-Codruta Rentea, General Manager ECDL ROMANIA

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